Special Plan For The Xuquer River

Special Plan For The Xuquer River



1.- A new vision of Cullera, seen from the Xuquer river basin along 17km that allows the possibility of enjoying the water flow and the river banks by canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddling, fishing, route cycling, climbing, bungee jumping or walking.

2.- Creation of Cultural and Ethnographic Tourism

3.- Educational Tourism: includes the creation of infrastructures for schools, associations and organizations, a such as floating observation platforms  and turrets for wildlife viewing of specimens of the local variety of water birds, birds of prey and migrant birds.  The boats help for the observation of the local plant species that grow in the water and on the riverbanks. The walking paths give the chance to have a close look at the tree species and the landscape that surrounds the river.

Models cast in bronze help understand the evolution of the river and its course.

4.- Make public, educate, and communicate in order to ready the areas for a defined regulation regarding the use and protection of the water resources and easement.

The quality of the areas involved are explained by RED NATURA 2000 document and the Valencia Community Wetland Catalog, also by being part of an LIC area and its particular fish fauna.

5.- Enhancement of the Marquise’s River Weir  and its  surroundings restoration with 100 000,00 m2 in open spaces. 15M€ already invested.

6.- Fluvial and maritime connexion via catamaran to other towns like Gandía

7.- Invigoration of economic activities with minimum investment or construction work.

8.- Tourism in the areas surrounding the Xuquer River will contribute to mitigate the parking problems beach tourism suffers to date.

9.- Mobile information booths on pantalan wharfs in the river in order to promote Cullera in other districts.

10.- Energy: the project will  be self-managed regarding energy via micro Eolic and photovoltaic generators.


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