Rehabilitation of the Santos Juanes Church

Rehabilitation of the Santos Juanes Church



The restoration developed mainly the 1993 project of the architect Antonio Giner, whose first phase is the roof, and the last one is the recovery of the organ, the project of the presbytery and sacristy is by Giner & Bono.

The Santos Juanes of Cullera Parish Church had damage to baseboards, stucco, tiles, flooring, and mouldings caused by lack of sealing and presence of capillarity; we eliminated architectural barriers and adjective elements such as the terrace of the loggia; increased the efficiency and quality of lighting and ventilation, and finally we adjusted the chancel to the Council and rehabilitated bells and engines to mitigate damage to the tower.  

The intervention was mimetic with the existing architecture, except for the West door where we used a contrasting solution.

The work never interrupted worship because we built a sliding platform along the vault start, minimizing the use of scaffolding. 

The tower, paving, bioclimatic conditioning, and recovery of the organ that the Santos Juanes of Cullera Parish Church enjoyed from 1674 to 1936 are pending execution.  

The investment made by the parish with the help of the City Council and the Provincial Council exceeds 500,000 €. 

 Main companies involved in the execution of the restoration:

1. Covering and Masonry Walls by Francisco Pelegrí. years 1993-95.

2. Handmade glazed tiles: Rios Ceramic’s Sl.

3. Interior stucco, gilded and fresco by Cardells, Arnau and Navarro. 1992-95.

4. West façade door. Andres Mellado.1995

5. Electrical Installation and Lighting: Carlos Andres and Juan Franco.

6.West door formwork: Carpentry Luis Bohigues.1994

7.Dehumidification of walls: Barres Procedures.2006-2007.

8.  Plinths of stone pillars, mortars and tiles: Restauradores Pro Art SLU . Andres Ballesteros.2008 to 2010.

9. Loggia painting and archaeological report: Magda Monraval and Laurence Krugly.1995.

10. Presbytery: Construcciones Miralmar.  2005 

11. Restoration of Bells: ‘Tecnicas y Artesanía’. 2011-2012


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