Inclusive Sports Pavilion in Elx



This Project proposes an inclusive Sports Center that offers contemporary features surrounded by the highest standard amenities, as stated in the contest program but with the additional value of having a green roof that gifts a space that promotes social cohesion in relation with the 2030 agenda and the development of inclusive sport in a less rigid context.  The project also answers to climate change challenges because it features passive bio climatic strategies that result on almost zero energy usage where the involvement of engines is only subsidiary.

We have designed a marvellous sun-oriented semi buried protected cave, like caves should be, that will surprise the ones that go inside of it with its luminosity.  Every work of art must amaze, or it could not be considered a work of art.  The cave, with its great roof top garden, will impact positively not only on its direct users but also on the urban landscape.  It pursues to achieve the material and social renewal of an underprivileged urban communities.

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